Keep Control

Foliar fertilizer and biostimulant

  • It guarantees the success of plant protection treatments. Works as an 

    herbicide, insecticide and fungicide intensifier.


  • It is specially designed to accelerate the penetration and translocation of herbicides towards the different action sites, which is why it is the best option in accompanying graminicides and selective action broadleaf pesticides.

Through its innovative formulation, Keep Control guarantees the strength of applications, favoring the active ingredient to reach the treatment target.


Keep Control’s formulation technology allows the replacement of the use of surfactants, adherents and oils (mineral or methylated vegetables), accelerating the control process and reducing phytotoxicity when applying herbicides that manifest symptoms in crop post-emergency.


Technical argument:

 – In the application mixture, herbicides dissociate and negative charges can react with water cations, thus limiting their function. With the addition of Keep Control, the herbicide molecules react with nitrogen in the form of ammonia, which allows better penetration; a process that has been widely documented. This way, it improves the incorporation of herbicides in a natural and more efficient way.


– It is compatible with most commonly used products and the dose may vary according to the indications of an agricultural engineer (environmental, crop and weed conditions).


– Due to its complex formulation, Keep Control has antifoaming, sticking, and dispersing qualities that contribute to a high uptake by the plant. This product allows working with low doses, improving the operation, handling and logistics.


Doses of 100 to 200 cc/100 liters of water.

Presentation box with 12 containers by 1 liter.

Keep Control

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